How to Clean Dyson Stick Vacuum

A Dyson stick vacuum is in series. However, the difference in them is the number of attachments that each of them has. In other words, they all have the same cleaning methods.

Regardless of the very one you’re using at a point in time, you can learn how to clean the Dyson stick vacuum with this piece.

The piece comprises of tips for cleaning diverse models of products that are produced by Dyson. Therefore, identify the model that you’re using and discreetly utilize the information on this report.

Provided that you’re an individual that’s contemplating the best stick vacuum that would suit your need, then we advise you to opt for any of the Dyson stick vacuum. They offer premium services, and their services are reliable.

Notwithstanding, before you consider cleaning a product, it’s expedient that you learn about the component that makes up the unit that you’ve purchased first of all.

After that, you can proceed with the following steps that we’ll be enumerating on this platform. The fact is that you can use this one for the cleaning of products that are made by other brands also. It’s such a great article that you’d love to use, trust me.

8 Things To Consider About How To Clean Dyson Stick Vacuum:

1. Read the Manual

Ensure that you consider reading the manual before you initiate its use. It’s with the aid of the manual that you’d be able to identify the component that’s on the product.

Some products even provide tips that are required in the cleaning of their stick vacuums. This is because products are of different materials.

Therefore, if your vacuum is non-Dyson, then it’s required that you take the reading of the manual serious. It would help you immensely than you ever expected.

However, you could still use this, whether you end up reading the manual or not. Just make it your priority above any other thing.

2. Detachment

Having read the manual, you must have known the components. Now, make sure that you remove the stick from the motor and dustbin.

However, before now, ensure that you’ve made containers available. You can half-way fill either one or two cups with soapy water and another with clean water.

Also, you might need to get a tray for the free saving of the removed containers. Of course, you’d have to ensure that you do the detachment in a secluded area so that you won’t mess up the space. Also, ensure that you remove the dust and debris before you proceed with the cleaning.

3. Cleaning of the Canister

Every Dyson has a canister. So, get the dustbin out by detaching as the manufacturer instructed. For Dyson, you’ll have to press the button that’s designated for the removal of the seal.

So, do the cleaning by immersing it inside soapy water. If the model that you’re using has a complicated design, then you might consider using a towel.

Remove it and squeeze the water from the towel and make it dampened. Afterward, use another that you immense inside clean water to do another wipe-down finishing once again. This would aid you to clean the dustbin distinctively.

4. Cleaning the Dyson Filters

  • Make sure that you switch off the power before you carry out any other activity.
  • Remove the filter afterward. Do this also in a secluded region so that you can avoid messing up places.
  • Wash the filter with soapy water. Please note that cold water only is recommended for the cleaning of filters.
  • Make sure that you rinse the filter when you’re done washing it in soapy water.
  • Most importantly, make sure that you dry the filter very well so that mildew and mold build-up would be prevented.
  • Do the final cleaning by using a dry cloth before you start reinstalling the filter.

5. Cleaning a Dyson V7

  • Having dismantled the components, get a screwdriver to turn the screw on either of the ends of the beater bar.
  • Remove the beater bar from the case and clean it with a brush with dry bristle.
  • Once that’s done, pull up the round-shape head and simultaneously press the trigger to remove the dust.
  • For the removal of the dustbin, check for a red button that intercepts the handle and dustbin just located underneath. Press it so that you can remove the trash efficiently.
  • The filter is right on the aperture right at the center of the top of the round-shape head. You can get it removed for wash as well.
  • Underneath the removed purple round-head, there is a case with an ash color. Use a screwdriver to detach the case from it. Once that done, you’ll find stuck dirt on it that you would find it easy to clean.

6. Cleaning a Dyson V6

The construction of Dyson V6, V7, and V8 have the same structure. The enhancement only appear in the Dyson V10.

However, what makes the difference is the number of accessories that each of the models come with on delivery. Therefore, you can always use the highlights on this platform as a sample for other models as well.

7. Cleaning a Dyson V10

  • Having disconnected it from the power cord and pieced the components, use an already soaked brush to remove clogged dirt from the crevice on the head (close to the handle).
  • While doing that to every component, ensure that you’re cleaning the exterior only. Now, get a clean cloth to wipe off the dabs of water from the gadget.
  • Do the same to all other attachments that come with the delivery of the product itself.
  • For the beater bar, ensure that you get a thin stick to remove the fur curled on it.

8. Safety Precautions

  • Make sure that you dry the filter before you reinstall the screen filter.
  • Prevent water from touching the motor. It could spoil it.
  • Make sure that you save Dyson stick vacuum in a clean and dry region.
  • Avoid water touching the battery when you’re cleaning the machine.
  • Do the cleaning after you have disconnected the unit from power for safety purposes.
  • For the cleaning of other brands, know whether it’s advisable to wash the filter before you do it.

Final Verdict

We hope that you can now clean your machine with ease. The content on this platform is authentic and one that you can use for a long time.

The steps are the same that you could use for other brands also though not all the steps. It’s a piece that you’d find easy to use.