Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless

This is one of the most effective stick vacuums in the market.  It is also one of the most expensive, but it gives value for every dime of its cost. People who like this product need to go through this review.

People who are planning to buy a vacuum or replace their old vacuum should also see this comprehensive review. While you may easily come across the advantages of this device, it is not likely that you’ll see its drawbacks because advertisers and manufacturers won’t mention them, if any.

A comprehensive review like this covers both pros and cons. So, it is necessary to read this review to the end. If you want to have a balanced view of the vacuum being reviewed, you’re on the right web page. You’ll get both the pros and cons of the vacuum as reviewed by users.

Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless Review: 5 Major Features

Signature Cordless

1. Cordless

You’ll love this vacuum for not using a cord. Although power cords have their benefit, they also have their disadvantages too.

They are the source of power, but they also create limitations to the amount of space you can cover.

Once the power cord of your vacuum does not go far, you can’t go far without plugging the vacuum into another outlet.

For example, if the power cord of your vacuum is 12 feet long, you may not be able to clean any area that is more than 12 feet away from the nearest power outlet.

A cordless vacuum does not have any limit at all. So, the fact that this vacuum is cordless should make it attract you.

2. Windtunnel Technology

This technology makes it easy for the vacuum to lift all kinds of dirt and suck them in. The technology provides great suction power. Most importantly, the technology handles pet hair effectively. So, the vacuum cleans pet hair so well, and it hardly gets clogged with lumps of hair.

3. Edge-Cleaning Brush

Hoover BH50020PC Linx

Not every vacuum can get to the edge or corners of the wall, so it is quite difficult to clean the dirt at the corners. You should commend the manufacturer of this vacuum for its design.

Its brush is designed to be able to get to the edge of the wall and clean of all the dirt and debris therein. Only very few vacuums can clean the dust at the edge of the walls better than this vacuum.

4. Extreme Recline Handle

This vacuum also has an extreme recline handle. This makes it easy to push it under your furniture when cleaning.

With the extreme recline handle, you won’t need to bend down or move your furniture to clean the floor under them. You only need to recline the handle to make it go further.

5. Lightweight

This device is quite light. Although many vacuums weigh less than 10 pounds, a 10-pound vacuum cleaner can still be moved around easily.

So, you can consider this vacuum for weighing only 10 pounds. Remember, it will weigh even less when you convert it to a handheld version.

Why Should You Use Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner?

Hoover Cordless

1. Its nozzle is wide

The nozzle of this vacuum is 11 inches in width. So, it automatically creates an 11-inch cleaning path. Remember, the wider the cleaning path, the fewer the passes.

And fewer passes make for faster cleaning. So, with this vacuum, you’ll cover more grounds with fewer passes.

2. The machine is durable

This device is durable. First off, it looks sturdy, tough, and rugged. Secondly, many of its users have confirmed its durability. If it’s not durable, several users would have stated it in their reviews.

Durability is a major concern when buying any product. No one wants to buy the same product twice within a short period. If you don’t want to consider this vacuum because of its other features, consider it because of its durability.

3. It is very efficient

All the other positive features of this vacuum will be useless if it does not clean effectively. This is the main reason you intend to buy it. So, it might interest you that the device cleans effectively. It will leave your house super-clean.

4. It is easy to use

Another reason to opt for this vacuum is its ease of use. You can easily set up this vacuum, and it is even easier to use.

5. HEPA filtration system

This vacuum comes with a HEPA filter. It can trap up to 99.9% of dust in your house. In addition, it will also tackle allergens. This keeps allergy issues at bay in your home. No allergy issues lead to fewer hospital bills.

Product Benefits
  • The devices can easily switch from carpet to hard floor and vice-versa.
  • The Windtunnel technology offers superior cleaning and higher suction power.
  • The nozzle is 11 inches wide, so you’ll enjoy a wide cleaning path.
  • By leveraging its extreme recline handle, cleaning under your furniture will be easier.
  • You can easily clean the stick vacuum.
  • Its battery gauge shows its battery life all the time.
  • The device weighs only 10 pounds.
  • It has an edge-cleaning bristle for cleaning dust and debris located at the corners of your apartment.
  • The device is very durable.
  • It provides hygienic emptying of the bin.
The Negative Things
  • One battery may not be enough to clean a whole house.
  • Unfortunately, it does not have any extra battery.
  • Its nozzle does not swivel around.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: Is the filter washable?

Answer: Yes, its filter is washable and reusable.

Question 2: Where can I get the product?

Answer: You can buy it on Amazon.

Question 3: Does it come with a battery?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a lithium battery.

Question 4: How wide is its cleaning path?

Answer: Its nozzle is about 11 inches wide.

Question 5: What is its weight?

Answer: It weighs only 10 pounds.

Final Verdict

This Hoover BH50020PC Linx Signature Cordless review reveals that the product is a good buy, albeit with a few drawbacks. Remember, no product is perfect. So, regardless of the few cons of this product, I’ll say, it is a fair deal. Why not try it out?